16 thoughts about V-Day

Posted on 10. Feb, 2015 by in Campus Events

Valentine’s Day is one of those holiday’s that creates a lot of different opinions…especially whether you are single or in a relationship. Not often do you hear that Valentine’s Day is a favorite holiday for someone. Since this holiday is coming up, Dawg Dish asked Butler students what their thoughts on Valentines Day are:

1. I don’t think it’s extremely important, but it is a nice excuse to go on a date with someone you love! And it doesn’t have to be a significant other either.

2. It’s my birthday so I love it! Even if it wasn’t, I think it ‘s a good day to think about the one’s you love even if you don’t have a significant other!


4. I love it! It fills me with joy.

5. I think it’s certainly a money-making ‘holiday’ (for companies) however it’s otherwise a nice way for couples to go out and DO something, rather than sit around and watch TV if that’s what they normally do together. I fear that there is pressure put on both sides of the party, especially the male if it is a heterosexual relationship.

6.That’s the Villanova game right? Should be fun. Whiteout in Hinkle. Go Dawgs!

7. It was better in elementary school when everyone just gave each other little pieces of candy and nice little cartoon cards. My S.O. is cool and all, but can’t really compete with little pieces of candy.

8. It’s usually pretty cold. I really don’t like that about February 14th or about February in general. It’s just too cold.

9. Valentine’s Day is a “Hallmark Holiday” that people use to be mushy. It grosses me out and people should show love and care to all the people they love and value in their life.

10. My dad and brother were born that day. So that’s cool. I guess some people like to go out for dates and stuff on that day too. So that’s cool also. Not as cool as my dad and brother, but still, I guess it’s something.

11. I’m in it for the candy.

12. I love seeing all of the videos on Facebook and Youtube of old couples on Valentines day. It gives me hope for the future.

13. I think it can be very romantic. However, unfortunately, it is turning into a “Hallmark Holiday.” It’s become so much about receiving stuff, and less on the actual person that you care for. For those that are single, Valentine’s Day just sucks. But even those in a relationship do not necessarily LOVE Valentine’s Day. If it is celebrated right, though, it can be a special day with your lover.

14. It is a scam holiday which exists solely for commercial profit.

15. If any boys would like to admit that they’ve secretly been in love with me for a long time, Valentine’s Day would be appropriate. #foreveralone

16. I just want someone to watch Netflix with and eat Chipotle with. Still looking for that bae-rito.

A date with a significant other, going out with a group of friends, candy, and/or a Butler basketball game? Valentines Day doesn’t seem SO bad anymore. Whether you are Anti-Valentines Day or all about it, enjoy the day! It only comes once a year!


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