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You’re tired of studying, you’re hungry, and you need to get off campus, but where should you go? You don’t want fast food, you’d like to sit back and relax, and a few of your friends are coming along, so you need to suggest somewhere that is nearby, affordable, and has great food. Your internet searches haven’t been pulling up much,  and you’re about to give up and just settle for another round of Subway sandwiches. But wait! You just remembered that the Dawg Dish posted an article listing dining options that you could choose from. Also, since you have it bookmarked as one of your “favorite” sites, you can’t believe you didn’t think of it sooner! You look over the list, you find a good restaurant, and now you have some time to quickly shower and clean up because one of your friends is particularly good looking and you want to keep a good impression. What a great time it will be!


Best Nearby Restaurants for Butler Students

*Based on location, affordability, and food rating*

1) Yatz: a cajun creole restaurant whose food, portion size, and prices can’t be beat. Plus it’s fast! Customers never have to wait more than 5 minutes to get their food. Located in Broad Ripple at 54th and College, it’s the perfect dining option for students. Link to menu.


2) La Piedad: A Mexican restaurant that offers a wide variety of options along with chips and salsa for you to munch on while you wait for your food. Located on 65th and Cornell Ave, it is just a short distance away and will fill your stomach!

La Piedad

3) Monon Food Company: A restaurant that is famous for their mac n cheese as well as sandwiches, salads,  and tacos, and it meets all the Dawg Dish criteria for a great off-campus dining experience. Located at 65th and Cornell Ave, it also has the perks of outside dining when the weather is warm. Link to menu.

Monon Food Company

4) Fire by the Monon: An upscale restaurant that is slightly more pricey than the first three but the food is so good, it has to be included. This is a great restaurant for when your family comes down and asks you where you want to eat, that way you aren’t the one paying for it! Located on Ferguson and East Coil Street, it offers great family dining with a fancy atmosphere. Link to menu.

Fire by the Monon

5) Twenty Tap: A smaller restaurant that is one of Broad Ripple’s best kept secrets. It has amazing sandwiches, and offers vegetarian and vegan meals as well! Located at 54th and College, you’ll be glad it’s just a short drive away so that you can keep going back. Link to menu.

Twenty Tap

6) Pei Wei: An Asian diner that is quick and inexpensive. Their menu is over 4 pages long, so it’ll be hard to find something that you won’t like. Located at Broad Ripple Ave and Keystone, you can design the the perfect meal to match how hungry you are. Link to menu.

Pei Wei

7) Hopcat. Salads, wraps, burgers, and crack fries. This dominates the affordability requirement by offering half price burgers Monday through Friday from 4-6pm along with several other specials for each day of the week. Located on Broad Ripple Ave and college, it’s a brand new restaurant that is great for college students. Link to menu.


8) Three Sisters Cafe: A perfect breakfast/brunch restaurant with reasonable prices that serves your favorite breakfast food all day long.  Located at Guilford Ave and 64th, this restaurant is a great way to start your day. Link to menu. 

Three Sisters Cafe

9) 317 Burger: It’s your typical American burger restaurant with a slight twist – you can build your burger the exact way you want it. Add things like avocado, jalapenos, buffalo sauce, peanut butter, they have it all! Located on Westfield Blvd and Guilford Ave, be sure to get an order of their poutine fries as well!

317 Burger

10) Ripple Bagel Deli: They have bagels. And everything else you would possibly want to put on a bagel. Located on Broad Ripple Ave and Guilford Ave, it’s a great grab-and-go restaurant as well as dine-in. Link to menu. 

Bagel Deli

11) Binkley’s Kitchen: It’s another upscale restaurant and therefore a place to have your parents take you to. They are open around the clock for brunch, lunch, dinner, and late night, and they have a very unique menu. One Yelp review states, “It’s the place to go whenever I can’t decide what I want to eat.” Located at Kessler and College, be sure to look at their menu beforehand to check out their daily specials! Link to menu.

Binkley's Kitchen

12) Bazbeaux’s Pizza: A pizza joint that is also a great place to sit down and hang out with your friends. Just as a reference to its delicious goodness, one Yelp reviewer said, “I would happily die drowning in a sea of Bazbeaux’s pizzas.” Disclaimer: Dawg Dish does not advocate drowning in a sea of pizzas in any way. Located at Westfield Blvd and College, be sure you get an order of their breadsticks when you go! Link to menu. 

Bazbeaux's Pizza

13) Perk up Cafe: A great place to meet friends for coffee and healthy sandwiches that won’t leave you with an awful post-overeating feeling. Located at East Coil and College, it’s also a great place to stop after you’ve taken a long run down the Monon Trail. Link to menu.

Perk up

This, and other stories from Dawg Dish, can also be found in the 2014-15 Butler Yearbook. Click HERE to order your copy.

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