The Nutcracker

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It is the season. The season for wrapped presents, frosted cookies, anticipation for going home to see the family, and most importantly GETTING DONE WITH FINALS! But second only to the latter, is the excitement of The Nutcracker put on by Butler University’s Department of Dance. The Nutcracker is a staple of the season, and has been for some time. For this First-Year Student, it was his first time and certainly not his last.

How often do younutcracker1214 154 think a college student goes to a ballet? I’m willing to bet that if they didn’t grow up with a burning passion and love for dance that it is not too often. Say once a year? Well this was probably that one trek to Clowes to see a great many talented performers put on the tights and the costumes, to take the audience on a magical journey — one pirouette at a time.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most people know the story of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker: the man with the toys, the girl, the shrinking, the sugar-plum fairies, the whole shebang; but it is an entirely different story to see. Naturally, the dancers are extremely talented in their art, but what may have surprised some viewers (especially first timers like myself) is the set and the effects were outstanding! Canons firing, smoke covering the floor, and magic tricks galore… it was much more than just dancing. Of course with a ballet comes the rhythm and songs in which the dancers perform to, and as Emmie Dietz (a Junior in the Butler Dance Program) who played Flowers Soloist stated “Butler Ballet is lucky to get to perform with a live orchestra, which adds a whole new dimension to our dancing. Something about dancing to music that is being created on the spot makes it fenutcracker1214 004el even more wonderful.”

One might think that having the same performance every year would get old. Tiring. The audience might lose their drive to see it time and time again. But I challenge you: when was the last time you skipped your favorite holiday movie this time of the season? Holiday traditions are a staple to our culture, and this year’s performance proves that now more than ever. The Nutcracker sold out all five shows, and therefore had to open up the Monday show to the public, as it is originally intended for school trips only.

Butler and JCA are, rightfully so, proud of their incredible and accomplished dance program. Each year they help bring us a sense of magic, wonder, and delight — all leading us into the holiday spirit. If you were one of those who saw one (or more) of this year’s performance, I trust that you had a wonderful time. If you did not get to see The Nutcracker this year, make it a priority to in the years to come; you will not be disappointed.

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