Art Now Recap

Posted on 11. Dec, 2014 by in Academics, Campus Events, Photo Gallery

Art and Design Majors, minors, and non-majors got to show off to the Butler community their pieces of hard work this week. From Tuesday through Thursday, the Reilly Room was filled with photographs, drawings, sculptures, and other pieces of artwork. All of the artwork was made by students in the Introduction to Visual Art class here at Butler. Some of the artwork was even available to purchase. Freshman Brooke Benoit made Starbucks cups into something bigger than just something you drink out of.

“We had to make a timeline of different cultures of our choice,” Benoit said. “I chose the cups because they would all keep a central theme [starbucks symbol] and could be manipulated in many ways. Each cup I made to represent main themes and symbols of different cultures.”


“Total the cups took me about fifteen hours. Some took longer than others.”


Art Now allows Butler students to appreciate the hard work and beautiful master pieces created by our fellow Bulldogs. This display of student work is a must see event and is a favorite to students, professors and community members alike. Art now closed out the semester as it served as a way for Art students to show off a semesters worth of hard work and creativity.

To learn more about the Butler Art Program go to Twitter or  the Butler JCA website!

More photos of other artists work can be viewed here:

Using a mobile device? Check out these photos on Flickr


This, and other stories from Dawg Dish, can also be found in the 2014-15 Butler Yearbook. Click HERE to order your copy.


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