17 Must-Take Campus Photos

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17 pictures you must take before you leave Butler

Butler is a beautiful campus and has several iconic picture-taking sites. In fact, you probably have already taken pictures with several of the hallmarks across campus. But just to be sure, you should check out these pictures and make note of the ones you still need to do before you graduate!


1) A picture on top of the Butler University stone sign. It’s a great shot for a senior house photo as well as roommates, besties, or family pictures. And my number one tip is to always have fun with the picture.



2) A picture with the stone bulldog. It’s one of the campus’s defining statues, and it definitely warrants a few photos. To add effect, ride it.


Like I said, have fun with your picture.

3) A picture with our live mascot, Trip. Arguably the cutest and most renowned model on campus, Trip loves getting his picture taken with his fellow students. You can usually find him walking around during big campus events or in the basement of Jordan Hall. Give him a pat on the head, and he is your new best friend.  And who knows, maybe he will even Tweet about it!


4) A picture with Hink. Once you’ve taken a picture with Trip, Hink is next on the list. He can be found dancing, clapping, and riling up the crowd at most sporting events, and he is always happy to take a photo with you.



5) A picture with the giant blow-up bulldog. You can see him coming all the way down 46th street and to complete the trifecta of mascot pictures, you have to get a picture with him. However, this blow-up is only displayed for special events like homecoming, graduation, and big basketball games so when you see it, grab a picture!


6) A picture with the BU sign. It’s an iconic photo that is an absolute MUST! If you don’t take a picture with this sign, do you even go here?

18 Must-Take Campus Photos


7) A picture with the Butler Way sign. Found at the intersection of Sunset and 46th, this sign is a representation of our school motto where we endorse a Community of C.A.R.E.



8) A Tweet Treat picture with the VP of Butler Student Affairs, Levester Johnson. If you aren’t following him on Twitter and Instagram, you are missing out. LJ is a campus Twitter celebrity, and he is famous for his Tweet Treats where he buys Starbucks for those who show up in response to his tweet. Follow him @LevesterJohnson!

9) A picture with the Prez. President Danko is always around for campus events, and you can also find him walking about Butler. He’s easy to talk to, and he loves getting to know his students. So next time you see him, ask him take a photo with you!


10) A picture at a Butler Basketball game. Get dressed up, paint yourself, and take a picture with your friends at one of the games. Butler Basketball is practically built into the culture on campus, and the best part is that the games are free for students! You’ll definitely want the pictures for the memories!

untitled (1 of 1)

Sitting with the Dawg Pound makes for a great picture as well!



11) A picture with your respective college’s sign. You are taking steps to get a degree and build a career – and this picture captures that. Furthermore when you are old and frail, this will be a great picture to show your grandchildren to talk about your school and experiences.



12) A picture with the BU grass in front of the observatory. My recommendation is to get everyone from one of the organizations you are involved with to take a group picture.

untitled (1 of 22)


13) A picture with your intramural team. Butler has a variety of intramural sports that you can compete in and who doesn’t love a little competition? So no matter what team you were on, take a picture.

Even if your team wasn’t necessarily the most winning-est, you should still take a picture.

untitled (53 of 54)


14) A picture with your favorite teacher. We all have that special teacher who has had a positive influence on our college experience, so why not grab a picture to remember them? Even if they don’t dress up as a Fairy God Mother for Halloween, I encourage you to get a picture.



15) A picture with the Butler University sign at the entrance from 46th street. It’s kind of just another sign and another reason to get a picture with your friends, but it still makes the list.

untitled (104 of 113)


16) A picture with Hinkle Fieldhouse. If you are going to get a picture at a basketball game, you might as well grab one in front of Hinkle so you can tell everyone that you were at the place where the movie Hoosiers was filmed.

18 Must-Take Campus Photos

17) A picture with those who supported you most, on graduation day. This should be the last picture that you take before you officially leave Butler. We all have certain people who have provided us with encouragement, support, hugs, care packages, and even money throughout our college experience, so make sure you get a picture with them on graduation day and let them know how much you appreciate them.




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