Leaving Home to Go Home

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As we approach Thanksgiving break, many are eager to return back to their hometown. For the past three months, Butler has been home away from home. Freshman students have specifically had to adjust to living in a new place.

I asked a handful of freshman what they miss most about home and how Butler has become home for them. Here are some of the responses…

“I miss…

my dog and my bed.”

eating dinner with my mom and dad.”

being able to lay on my couch and watch movies and eat homemade food.”

swing dancing at home.”


my girlfriend and family… just the people that have been there for me so long now seem to be so far away from me.”

all my family members.”

going to eat wherever I want since I don’t have a car on campus.”

the swamp behind my house.”

being able to see my parents and my friends and my neighborhood.”

home cooked meals and my mom doing laundry for me.”

my friends and family more than anything. I miss just sitting around and making fun of each other and laughing.”

thanksgiving meme

Butler has become home because…

I have great friends that are my new family.”

we take care of each other. We are each others’ moms.”

of the new friends I have made. I already know they are going to be life-long homies.”

I have met so many welcoming and accepting friends and my professors really care about me.”

of all the friends I have made here.”

I have had new experiences that taught me a lot about myself and I have also learned so much about myself because I am on my own and independent.”

it has given me new friends and ways of going about things as if I was at home.”

my unit has become my new family, and I’m convinced that any of us would take a bullet for another if it came down to it. That’s just the kind of people that this school attracts.”

of the relationships I’ve built with my new friends.”

I’ve been able to depend on other people to take care of me, like my roommate. We recently put up a Christmas tree in our room.”

Schwitzer Hall is the most luxurious place in the world.”

 While all of these students will be heading back home this weekend, it is clear that Butler has become their second home in a short amount of time. On behalf of the Dawg Dish staff, have a Happy Thanksgiving and a great break!




C-206  Written by Claire Jacobi


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