Diversity Center

Posted on 10. Nov, 2014 by in Community

When I lived in Schwitzer, I would pass the Efroymson Diversity Center (aka the DC) with its big glass doors that open into a large space full of plush chairs and round tables and think to myself Well I’m not diverse so I don’t think I should go in there. Over the years, after meetings in the DC, parties in and outside the DC, and conversations with people who frequently occupy the DC, I’ve learned just how much I do belong.

Bobby Fong opened the Diversity Center in 2006 because he recognized the differences amongst the student body and wanted to rejoice in those differences. Butler continues to welcome a multitude of unique individuals who all share one thing: we are bulldogs. Besides attending Butler University, and sharing our ephemeral humanity, we are all different. And that is what diversity is:  difference. Cameron Alford, Vice President of Campus Events for Black Student Union, reminds us that difference is “not just about race,” it’s about “sexuality, ethnicity, religion, thought.” All these intersections of our identities become the foundation for who we are and how we see the world. And these identities make each person different. But being different is not a bad thing. The Diversity Center exists to “create awareness of diversity and celebrate the diversity within the Butler and global communities,” says Director of Diversity Programs and the Efroymson Diversity Center Valerie Davidson.  She explains that “all people on earth are diverse” and therefore this space to witness, communicate, and celebrate our diversity is crucial. It is important to recognize not only the differences in others but the differences in ourselves. And the Diversity Center allows us to share these differences with the world around us.

The Diversity Center has become a home to many of the students who spend their time there. In this space, we feel like a family because we embrace our differences and share our commonalities. Ms. Valerie encourages all people to stop by the DC and see what’s going on. She promised me “once you come in, you will come back.”

Check the Connection or simple stop by Atherton Union Room 004 for information about the Diversity Center’s exciting upcoming events such as Roll Bounce Skating Party at Skateland next Friday or the annual Thanksgiving dinner in the Reilly Room on November 19th – featuring homestyle soul food! As Ms. Valerie says, “There’s always something going on in the DC!”

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