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Did you get a chance to check out LJ’s #HauntedButler Instagram posts?  In case you missed them, here is a recap:  The goal was to guess the correct location of the photo to win a prize.  The locations got harder as the week went on – so this first one is pretty easy.  Clearly this is Lupe Fiasco at Butlerpalooza.

But I bet you are wondering, where did that scary ghost face in the fog come from? None other than former Butler Men’s Basketball coach, Brad Stevens:














On Tuesday, LJ treated us to a ghostly photo from Irwin Library:

This book-reading ghoul is someone you may have seen before in a more lighthearted ghost movie – “Ghostbusters.”













Wednesday’s post was a little harder to guess, but most figured out that it was the High Ropes Course out near Holcomb Gardens.

But who are the terrifying girls in the background?  They would be the creepy twins from “The Shining.”












And finally, LJ posted the most difficult photo.  Students had a hard time guessing which building housed this terrifying clown:

Guesses ranged from ResCo to Atherton to Gallahue. But attention to detail would show that there are bricks on this building, and only a few campus buildings are predominantly brick – including Hinkle Fieldhouse.

But where did the creepy clown come from? It’s just a costume of the clown from the movie “IT.”











Throughout Halloween week, students who entered the #HauntedButler contest won various prizes for participating – and were treated on Halloween morning to a “Trick-or-Tweet Treat” at Starbucks!

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