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As Kate Spade once said, “playing dress up begins at age five and never truly ends.” This quote was shown on the back of Kappa Alpha Theta’s t-shirts at their event, KAT Walk, which was held on October 24th 2014.

KAT Walk was in support of Theta’s philanthropy, CASA, which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates.  According to Cindy Booth, Director of Child Advocates, The CASA program in Indianapolis is the largest in the state and one of the largest programs in the country. CASA and its volunteers helps give children a voice in court. “That’s what CASA’s do, they take the situation, they look at it and say ‘what’s in the best interest of this child?’” said Booth. KAT Walk ended up raising over 2,000 for the organization.

The event featured a fashion show, an important message from the women of Delta Delta Delta, and lip syncs.

The fashion show was categorized by different themes. There was  “the fifty states”, “celebrity couples,” “decades,” and “high school stereotypes.” The couples would strut the catwalk in the costumes that they came up with. They would then explain who they dressed up as and answer a question related to their theme.

After the fashion show, Tri Delta talked about Fat Talk Free week, which has been going on all week on campus. The women then walked the catwalk carrying posters that said “STOP fat talk”, “flaunt whatcha got,” and “you look beautiful today.”

For the lip-syncs, Phi Kappa Psi got first place, Sigma Nu got second place, and Delta Tau Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha tied for third.

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