Fat Talk Free Week

Posted on 27. Oct, 2014 by in Campaign, Campus Events, Photo Gallery

It’s not uncommon to hear your friend comment how badly she needs to go to the HRC to work off that meal she just ate in Atherton.  Or that other friend who thinks he won’t get a girlfriend if he doesn’t lift to buff up. This idea of “the perfect body” floods our media through advertisements, movies, television, commercials, etc.  And the pressure to embody this ideal perfection has invaded our Butler bubble.

This is why the women of Tri-Delta are took a stand against the unrealistic physical expectations and are hosted Fat Talk Free Week.  The events of the week aimed to approach the topic of body image with holistic education about nutrition in order to change the perspective of college students. It’s about communicating nutrition is important, that food is fuel. It’s about making healthy habits, not restricting ourselves.  Tri-Delt’s Risk Manager Elizabeth Davis spoke to the importance of this conversation on Butler’s campus. “We don’t celebrate our strength.”  As the risk manager, she sees the negative attitude toward body image as damaging and harmful.  She wants to remind us that “healthy comes in all shapes and sizes.

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