Take Back the Fight

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Demia, the feminist and social justice organization here at Butler, hosted their annual event Take Back the Fight Friday October 3.  This event is a derivation of the nonprofit foundation Take Back the Night.  TBTN developed first as a council to discuss European women’s safety when walking at night.  TBTN expanded on a global scale and now marches to protest sexual assault and domestic violence are held annually around the world.

Demia’s Take Back the Fight began with a silent candlelit walk around Butler’s campus to honor survivors of sexual and domestic violence and bring awareness to this injustice. Men and women, students and staff, young and old walked in solidarity with the hope of creating a safe community on our campus.  Following the walk, advocates circled to create a safe space and a brave space where discussion on the poignant topics cultivated.  Questions like ‘what is rape culture?’ and ‘what can you do to end sexual violence on Butler’s campus?’ welcomed conversation about how this culture has personally affected our lives and what can we do in our everyday lives to combat this behavior. Tears were shed, stories were shared, and compassion was spread throughout the room.  Those present became a community of care for one another and for those suffering outside the room.  Attendees left the event with a sense of acceptance of their voice, their identity and their personal experiences in addition to a drive for change.

We, Butler University, have the strength to create a respectful, loving community and so we fight to demolish violence on our campus.


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