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Butler University dedication of the Bulldog Mascot Memorial September 26, 2014.A crowd of smiling alumni, students, and Bulldog fans gathered homecoming weekend to admire a brand new memorial. The dedication was held on Friday, September 26th. Michael Kaltenmark, owner and handler of Blue II and Blue III, lead the ceremony with his kind words.

“Now while we’ve chosen the likes of granite, brick and bronze, held together by mortar and steel. We are reminded of coats of fur, floppy ears, wide snaggle-tooth smiles, slobbery kisses, and that distinct bulldog drool that is always on my pants,” Kaltenmark said to the crowd.

The memorial was a gift from the Class of 2013. It is made in honor of Blue I, Blue II, Trip, and the future bulldog mascots at Butler. The new brick doghouse can be seen outside the Butler Bowl, along with a beautiful bronze bulldog.

“The Class of 2013 hopes this memorial stands as a testament to the determination, loyalty and pride of all butler bulldogs, 4 footed and 2 footed for many years to come,” Michael Couch, Class of 2013 President said.

President James M. Danko also paid tribute to the new memorial, thanked Kaltenmark for his hard work, and spoke of his love for the bulldog mascots.

“Michael is just an extraordinary individual, when it comes to not just getting drool on his leg, but just the thought that he’s put into this and the creativity and the tweeting. I think that all of you actually believe those tweets are coming from a dog,” Danko said to the crowd. “Our bulldogs have been and will continue to be, much more than just mascots.”

Blue I, the first official live mascot at Butler, was owned by Kelli Walker. Blue was born on September 23rd 2000 and became Butler’s mascot. She later retired in 2004, but continued to live a happy life before her passing on May 30th 2014. Walker, a 1991 graduate of Butler University was recognized at the ceremony and received a plaque honoring her efforts to creating the mascot program and for her care of Blue I. Kaltenmark quoted Walker from after Blue had passed.

Butler University bulldog mascot memorial September 24, 2014.“For over 13 years blue lived an extraordinary life, her noble heart stopped today however instead of feeling empty, my heart is twice as full from loving her.”

Blue II had passed away on August 31st, 2013, after being Butler’s mascot for nine years. Kaltenmark said Blue II “had the best life of any dog ever.” He rose to fame and gained the title “America’s Dog” in 2010-2011 during the NCAA tournament. This year, ESPN ranked Butler Blue 2nd on College Basketballs top 10 mascots. Blue II retired on May 20th 2013, and was replaced by Trip. Even after his retirement, Blue II would still hang around campus. He was only nine years old when he passed, but he left a huge impression on Butler’s campus.

“Without saying a word, Blue II demonstrated perfect loyalty, team spirit, and steadfast pride representing the university to the world.” President Danko said.

After the speakers gave their respects to the beloved bulldogs, Walker and Kaltenmark then placed Blue I and Blue II’s ashes in the doghouse. Father Charles Allen gave his blessing to the dogs as they placed the ashes.

Blue III, also known as Trip, made an appearance as well. Trip is two and a half years old. Father Charles Allen also gave a blessing to Trip and the future bulldog mascots to come. Kaltenmark placed his hands on Trip’s head as the crowd bowed their heads in prayer. Kaltenmark finished off by officially dedicating the memorial to the bulldogs, and praying that Blue I and Blue II rest in peace. The memorial will now be a reminder that although Butler Blue I and Blue II have passed on, they will always be watching over Butler University, and in the hearts of many.

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