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It was around five o’clock p.m. on the 24th of September, the Wednesday of Butler’s 2014 Homecoming, when I began to see materials and half-built constructions rolling down Hampton. By seven, these constructions were added on to and brought onto the lawns of the Greek Houses along with a multitude of other decorations. For one night and one night only, the construction on Butler’s campus did not involve jackhammers and men with hardhats – students were laboring, making the campus look as festive as possible. The Lawn Decs competition was underway.

As I walked down the sidewalks of Hampton Drive, stepping over chalk quips telling me whom to vote for Homecoming Queen and King, the only sounds audible were the songs coming from the end of the street. Seeing that this year’s Homecoming theme was Broadway, it seemed quite suitable. The songs lured me down to see what exactly was producing such thundering noise; low and behold, two giant speakers were placed inside of what appeared to be a large wooden radio. It is as if Kevin Bacon were truly teaching us the ways of music visionary Kenny Loggins, and how to just have a good time.

I came back a few hours later to see how Greek Row was coming along. By this point in the evening, darkness had settled over Butler’s campus, yet the lawns of Hampton were lit up – a spot light on each house. Songs were blaring and students were tirelessly working at building, placing, and painting their sets. I could not imagine the true Broadway being anymore alive than Butler University was on this night.

It was an effort that lasted the entire night: Rydell High and the mind of Dr. Seuss do not come alive with a lack of hard work. Luckily this hard work was not solely fueled by a sense of competitiveness and the drive to win the Lawn Decs competition. Starting at 10:30 and lasting until one a.m., SGA delivered food to those who were working to create that which brought Homecoming week to life. On my trek late in the evening, I heard from behind “Move out of the way! I don’t want to hit you!” Within seconds, two members of SGA came roaring by on a cart – stocked with pizza, snacks, and drinks. I can attest, there was no slacking on the food delivery.

Unfortunately, this author does have to get his beauty rest, so upon awakening the next morning I was shocked by what all had been accomplished. Sauntering down Hampton one last time — Wicked, Legally Blonde, Grease, Footloose, Lion King, Aladdin, and Seussical the Musical had all been breathed to life by the hard work of all those who labored through the night, giving Butler a street rivaling Broadway itself.

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3rd Place: Ross Hall / Alpha Chi Omega / Commuters
2nd Place: Kappa Alpha Theta / Sigma Nu
1st Place: Kappa Kappa Gamma / Phi Delta Theta

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