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One of my favorite programs is the Butler University Dance Marathon or BUDM for short. It’s hard to describe in words but to me, it is a giant dance party of hundreds of bulldogs. Do not let all the smiling faces fool you! These Dawgs have been working for nearly a year raising money and setting up events. These sweaty smiling faces are not only happy to be dancing and letting loose, but also that they have raised over $100,000 dollars—not to mention breaking multiple records and working out. What can’t our Dawgs do?! I wanted to learn a little more about Dance Marathon, so I interviewed this year’s president, Natalie Lay.

Q. What exactly is Dance Marathon in your opinion, Madam President?

A. Dance Marathon is a program run by thousands of schools to help raise money for Riley Hospital for Children. Our event is 12 hours in January, and we have games, food, music, families that talk, and of course some dancing, but not the whole time.

Q. If you could describe BUDM in one sentence what would it be?

A. If I could describe BUDM in one sentence I would say that it is the best program to join because you get to meet great people and help save lives.

Q. Why would someone join BUDM?

A. BUDM will change your life forever and make you a part of something amazing and inspirational. You’ll grow as a person, meet amazing people and families, and will be helping out a great cause, which is Riley Hospital for Children.

Q. What will you get out joining of BUDM?

 A. Every person that participates in BUDM gets something different out of it. However, I do feel that anyone that participates in BUDM does grow as a person because they realize how many children and families they are helping by raising money. By the end of the Dance Marathon when we reveal the total, you can see on everyone’s faces how happy and inspired they are.

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